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The 2020 Galleywood Festival is now over

Many thanks to the hundreds of people in Galleywood that participated this week and to everyone who made this happen.

 The new style Virtual Festival this year has proved to be a great success even though we could not meet up together because of the COVID-19 restrictions. With over thirty-four new pages of content; over sixty videos posted, thirty two new, many created during the festival. The most popular videos were the Christine Whybro interviews closely followed by the new musical page videos. (The videos were played over four hundred times); nearly fifty articles and stories; many hours were spent reading an looking at the content;  and an astounding 24,000 clicks across all our pages with an average of eighteen pages accessed by all our visitore; over 1250 visits to the scarecrow map and over 1000 to the scarecrow photos alone -  you made this a success. A very big thanks to all the organisations and individuals that provided material and content - the list of credits is very long and you know who you are, your work is on these pages - without you the virtual festival would not have been possible. Thanks to all of you who visited and took part or posed on social media (hundreds of festival likes) we trust that you were inspired, perhaps informed and hopefully entertained. Time to put those thinking caps on for next year and send new content and ideas for events for The Galleywood Festival 2021 when we hope to Celebrate Life in our village properly once more.

Anthony McQuiggan and Janet Doghan

Scarecrow Competition 2020 Prize Winners

The quality of scarecrows this year was astounding making the decisions for the four judges very difficult. This year we missed all the scarecrows built last year by all the Galleywood School classes and pupils at school and those built by the Church and village Youth Clubs all of which were closed this year due to the COVID-19 restrictions. In spite of this there were twenty'six registered entrants who presented forty individual scarecrows in three categories and many more unregistered scarecrows exhibited (Get you application in early next year and sign up for our news letter to be notified in plenty of time (send an email to festival@galleywood.org. to sign up)

Category 1 - 11 and Under


 11 and Under - 1st Prize winner - 106 - Supernurse

106a Supernurse


 11 and Under - 2nd Prize winner - 107 - Who is the real Superhero?

107a Who is the real Superhero

 11 and Under - 3rd Prize winner - 109 - Minecraft Steve

109 Minecraft Steve


11 and under - Highly commended certificates were awarded to:

 11 and Under - Highly commended - 103 - Kaspar, Prince of Cats

103b Kaspar, Prince of Cats

11 and Under - Highly commended - 113 - Silver-lining

113a Silver Lining

11 and Under - Highly commended - 121 - Mr Topsy Turvy

121b Mr Topsy Turvy

 11 and Under - Highly commended - 126 - Social distancing besties

126b Social distancing besties


Category 2 - 18 and under

 18 and Under -Highly commended certificate awarded to:- 120 - Boris Johnson

120 Boris Johnson



Category 3 - Adult

Adult - Prize winners - The judges were presented with a very difficult decision this year and could not split the frst and second place so have awarded two first prizes this year. they are, in no particular order:

Joint 1st Prize

 Adult 1st Joint Prize Winner - 104 - Snow White and the seven dwarfs

104b Snow White and the seven dwarfs

Adult 1st Joint Prize Winner - 112 - Redusa

112a Redusa

 Adult -3rd Prize Winner - 105 - Bill and Ben and friends

105a Bill and Ben and friends


Adult - Highly commended certificates were awarded to:

Adult - Highly commended - 101 - Barn Dance Queen

101b Barn Dance Queen

 Adult - Highly commended - 122 - Brucie, Nice to see you..

122a Brucie, Nice to see you..

 Adult - Highly commended - 110 - One day soon

110b One day soon

 Adult - Highly commended - 118 - Boris Johnson 

118b Boris Johnson

Many thanks to all the entrants and to the judges and to the generous prizes donated by The Galleywood Vineyard and Winery and Lathcoates Farm.
Prizes will be hand delivered in the next week, so listen out
For the scarecrow builders that did not enter the competition If you have pictures of your scarecrows then please email them to scarecrow@galleywood.org and we will add them to the gallery.

  Email: festival@galleywood.org