2019 Scarecrow Album

There were forty three sites in Galleywood with scarecrows that were in the competition - there were also scarecrows not entered in the competition (numbers above 100). Interactive MAP

If you have a photo of your scarecrow (or someone elses) and it is not here please send it to scarecrow@galleywood.org and we will add it


Entry no Address Postcode Title Class Photo
1 Galleywood Library, Watchouse Road CM2 8PU Scarecrows in Love 11 and under Yes
2 35 Well Lane  CM2 8QY Cyril, signalling the arrival of summer Adult Yes
3 Thriftwood School, Slades Lane, CM2 8RW Captain Jack, a swashbuckling pirate from the ship Driftwood from Thriftwood 18 and under Yes
4 Thriftwood School, Slades Lane, CM2 8RW Lily Violet, a chic festival chick with a backstage pass at the Scarefest! 18 and under Yes
5 Upwards, Youth group, St Michaels and All Angels Church Common Lane,  CM2 8TP Four heavenly angels.  One, representing the archangel Michael carries a sword and is depicted slaying the Devil. Permission has been granted  to showcase them by the entrance to the church. We hope everyone agrees that they are respectful angelic sculptures highlighting the protection our angels give us. 18 and under Yes
6 The Stables Nursery, Margaretting Road, Galleywood, CM2 8TS A rainbow alien, based on the book, ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman 11 and under Yes
7 Kestrel Class, Thriftwood School, Slades Lane, CM2 8RW A scarecrow of our teacher, Mrs Butler 18 and under Yes
8 Eagle Class, Thriftwood School, Slades Lane, CM2 8RW A scarecrow of our teacher, Mrs Mitchell 18 and under Yes
9 Robin Class, Thriftwood School, Slades Lane, CM2 8RW Sparkles, a sparkly farmer girl 11 and under Yes
10 Puffin Class, Thriftwood School, Slades Lane, CM2 8RW Puffin class dog 11 and under Yes
11 Kingfisher Class, Thriftwood School, Slades Lane, CM2 8RW Kingfisher Bear 11 and under  
12 Top Infants Pre-school The Stables Nursery, Margaretting Road, Galleywood, CM2 8TS Skinny Scarecrow, a pirate 11 and under Yes
13 12 Skinners Lane  CM2 8RH Dr Who characters; Matt Smith (Doctor), Amy, Rory and a weeping angel Adult Yes
14 Rook Class, Thriftwood School, Slades Lane,  CM2 8RW Our scarecrow is called Polly.She is a nice scarecrow that loves flowers and being happy. 18 and under Yes
15 Owl Class, Thriftwood School, Slades Lane,  CM2 8RW Our scarecrow is called Sandra.  She wears a striped dress and straw hat. 18 and under Yes
16 Ewan Roper-Deackes 14 Barnard Road CM2 8RS My scarecrow is called Sophie, after my friend 11 and under Yes
17 Harmond family Two Oaks, The Common,   CM2 8TP We felt the old Galleywood racecourse needed its very own scarecrow on horseback.  The rider is Admiral Rous ( was the senior steward of the Jockey Club in the 1860s) on champion horse ‘Golden Miller’ (1931) Adult Yes
18 Children at Rainbow pre-school, Glenavon, Birches Walk,  CM2 8TZ Rainbow Ray.  Like our children he is always busy and involved in a variety of activities. 11 and under Yes
19 Tarquins, Bekeswell lane,   CM2 8TL Darby and Joan, a retired couple undertaking various activities Adult Yes
20 62 Rignals Lane CM2 8QT Flight Lieutenant Gordon Montgomery, RAF D-Day pilot, suffered engine failure and parachuted to safety over Galleywood. 11 and under Yes
21 Hill Farm, Margaretting Road,  CM2 8FU Harvest Mice, Disney-style Adult Yes
22 Galleywood Youth Centre  Watchouse Road  CM2 8PT We decided as a group that as the Youth club is run by YMCA that we would make 4 scarecrows and dress them as 4 characters from the Village people’s song YMCA We have named them the village people (YMCA) 18 and under Yes
23 58 Pryors Road  CM2 8SA Mrs Stanley. She is a neighbour watch scarecrow who likes to know everything that’s going on in the Galleywood community. 11 and under Yes
24 17 The Street  CM2 8QL Mr Oakie Doke, TV character from 1995 Adult Yes
25 9 Kirkman’s Road CM2 8NW Our Scarecrow is based on the upcoming Wimbledon tournament.
Andy Murray playing Centre Court.
11 and under Yes
26 61 Keene Way  CM2 8NT “Crop-Bot 5000” With this robot scarecrow crops are guaranteed to be protected from all viruses and malware Adult Yes
27 47 Cannon Leys CM2 8PB We are Jack and Max and we’ve decided to make Iron Jack & Captain Max 11 and Under Yes
28 On display at the end of Birches Walk on Margaretting Rd (sorry no postcode)Maker resides at..Millfield, Birches Walk  CM2 8TZ Dingle Dangle; traditional scarecrow based on the scarecrow nursery song.  Adult  
29 7 Rous Chase CM2 8QF ‘Off to Work’ Adult Yes
30 11 Brook Lane  CM2 8NJ He’s called Percy Grower and he loves gardening! 11 and under Yes
31 Tensing, Pipers  Tye  CM2 8NP  Her name is Rosie the scarecrow 11and under Yes
32 Tensing, Pipers Tye  CM2 8NP Aiden is the scarecrow name 11and under Yes
33 37 The Street  CM2 8QN Fleur de Arnup is the name of our scarecrow.  It was Leo’s idea to construct a flower one as he loves being outside 11 and under Yes
34 5 Arnold way CM2 8PA "Howzat" 11 and under Yes
35 Parklands Farm on field beside concrete road opposite Rignals Lane Industrial Area entrance. Sorry, no postcode Inspired by one of the great all time tennis players, ‘Roger’ Adult Yes
36 Chelmsford Equestrian Centre CM2 8RL Rider, Jackie, on Cookie, the horse 18 and under Yes
37 Chelmsford Equestrian Centre CM2 8RL As yet unnamed 18 and under Yes
38 6 Kirkmans Road CM2 8NW Year 2 voted to make Harry Potter. He has a scar on his head, a magic wand, a broomstick to play Quidditch and Hedwig the owl is on his shoulder. Adult  
39 Rabbits and Squirrels Class - Galleywood Infant School - Barnard Road CM2 8RR   11 and under Yes
40 Owls and Hedgehogs classes - Galleywood Infant School Barnard Road CM2 8RR Year 1 voted to make a clown. They have been reading the book Clown by Quentin Blake and wanted their clown to be happy and colourful. 11 and under Yes
41 Foxes and Badgers  classes - Galleywood Infant Schoo - Barnard Road CM2 8RR Foundation Stage classes voted to make a bride. Three of our teachers are getting married this year so the bride could be Lizzie, Ali or Chloe! 11 and under Yes
42 202 Watchouse Road CM2 8NF Scary the scarecrow 11 and under Yes
43 237 Barnard Road CM2 8RU Dusty Bin – Redundant - Where have all the crows gone?! Adult  
  Unentered Scarecrows        
101 5 The Street   Wheel Chair   Yes
102 31 The Street   Monster   Yes
103 204 Watchouse Road   Flower pot men   Yes
104     Birthday scarecrow   Yes
105     Community Speed Watch   Yes
106     Cricketer   Yes
107     Fireman   Yes
108 Boxgrove Close   Spotty dog   Yes
109 Lathcoates   Apple Man   Yes
110 Magpye Class Thriftwood   Sea Horse   Yes
111     Mary Poppins   Yes
112 The White Bear   Polly Prosecco   Yes
113 Strathmore The Street   Upside down man   Yes
114 The Eagle CM2 8PS Barrell Man (Not Entered) Not entered Yes
115 The Caretaker Thriftwood   The Caretaker   Yes
116 Thriftwood Year 7    Jeff   Yes
117     Tree Pair   Yes
118     Monkey Spider family   Yes

 All photos are credited wher the author is known - if your photo is here and you would like it taken down or edited then please email us.