Festival Flypast 2

Saturday 28 May 2016
15:50 to 16:00

A veteran Dakota which is part of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF)will overfly Galleywood twice during the Classic Car Rally near the Horse and groom


21 May 2016  ..14.00 over the Lark in the Park and

28 May 2016 ..  16:05 over the Classic Car Display

The plan is that the Dakota will undertake at least three low level passes on each day.

Of course, the aircraft's participation will depend on the weather and serviceability light rain is expected - fingers crossed.

David Freestone a Flying Display Director who has worked with most of the RAF display teams including the BBMF who also lives locally will be able to provide a commentary on the aircraft and crew during the flypast.

Contact Anthony McQuiggan
01245 808225
Over the Classic Car display on the Common
to the front of the Horse and Greoom
(view map)
Cost Free - Horse and Groom Open for refreshments