2020 Festival - Scarecrow Registration

Fill in the form to Register your entry into the 2020 scarecrow competition - you will receive a registration number in return (if you do not receive this in 48 hours then please let us know by email to festival@galleywood.org

As part of your entry you will need to take photographs of your entry which must be in your garden and not in a public place (due to the government restrictions) You then need to send them to us with your registration number in the Subject line to festival@Galleywood.org, by doing this you give us permission to enter your scarecrow into the competition and to use your photos on this website and on social media as part of promoting the event and to assist in the judging of the competition.


1. Anyone is welcome to enter the scarecrow competition. However, only scarecrows displayed within the Galleywood Parish boundaries would qualify for judging.

2. Entrants must submit a completed registration form and have their scarecrow(s) on display by the required time and supply photos in order to be judged.

Click here to Register using the online form

or Download and Complete the registration form IN WORDIN PDF, AS TEXT and email to Scarecrow@galleywood.org

You will receive a Registration number in a confirming email when we receive your registration.

Then get your scarecrow ready....

3. Entrants must submit a photograph of their scarecrow (details below) in order for their entry to be judged.

Email you photo(s) To: scarecrow@galleywood.org after the start date (6th June 2020)

The Email subject must include <Your reg number> and <Your house number/name, street, Postcode)

4. Scarecrows must be a minimum height of one metre.

5. All scarecrows must be built from scratch by the entrant (no commercial creations e.g. mannequins allowed).

6. Creativity and originality – judges will be looking for scarecrows with that little bit extra; it may be the materials used, the way the scarecrow has been made, how the scarecrow is displayed, or simply a fantastic idea that catches the judges’ eyes.

7. You can use any materials you like to build your scarecrow; there are no restrictions – with just one exception: pre-moulded or commercially available costumes and face masks ARE NOT permitted.

8. All Scarecrows must be made and displayed in good taste. They should not be frightening.

9. Any entrant displaying a scarecrow which is deemed by the judges to cause offence will be disqualified.

10. All scarecrows must be displayed on your property and should be positioned so it is unnecessary for anyone to access your property in order to view them. They must also be secured in a manner that they will not blow away and will not otherwise be a danger or cause injury to anyone. Galleywood Festival Committee will not be held responsible for any damage to individuals or third-party property caused by the creation or insecurity of scarecrows. Property owners are held solely responsible for the safety and security of the scarecrow(s)

11. Finally… The most important rule: Make sure you enjoy yourselves and stay safe!



  • Only scarecrows registered in time will be considered by the judges.
  • Judges will be selected by Galleywood Festival Committee.
  • The judges’ interpretation of these rules and any decisions to issue prizes and awards are absolutely final.
  • The rules are subject to change at any time (without notice).
  • By entering the scarecrow competition, you confirm that you accept these rules.

 Click Competition Rules revised 2020 V1.2 to download a .pdf of the rules on this page.

To read the Government Guidance on social distancing or Staying at home and away from others (social distancing)